Our Greater Parish Community

While we often identify our parish family as what we do at the Church building, our community extends far beyond 135 Livingston Road. 

Catholic Schools:

In Ontario, we are blessed with publicly funded Catholic Education for our children from ELKP to Grade 12. Our parish community includes  three elementary schools and one high school. We love our schools!

        St. Joseph’s Elementary                         (905-945-4955)

        St. John’s Elementary                        (905-945-5331)

        Our Lady of Fatima Elementary        (905-945-5500)

        Blessed Trinity Secondary                (905-945-6706)

Senior’s Homes:

Our parish family loves our ‘most experienced’ brothers and sisters, and we are intentional about making it clear that they are an important part of our parish family. If you or a loved one live at one of the residences below and would like to make arrangements receive the Eucharist, get a ride to mass, or join Fr. Rico or Fr. Ronald when they come to say mass, please contact the parish.

        Kilean Lodge                (905-945-9243)

        Deer Park                (905-945-4164)

        Maplecrest                (905-945-7044)

        Lincoln Park                (905-309-0055)

        Albright Manor                (905-563-8252)


Hospice Care:

        McNally House Grimsby(905-309-4013)